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We specialize in show quality chrome plating on car parts, boats, and antiques. We offer copper, nickel and chrome. Our copper includes copper stirke and heavy or acid copper. The heavy copper allows us to fill pits and imperfection which results in a superior chrome finish free of lines and buff marks. Our prices do not include acid copper plating and buffing. If want us to put extra copper on your parts, let us know and we will price your parts accordingly.

We can do most parts. There are a few things we don't do, though. We DON'T do car wheels, but we can do bicycle spoke wheels. We don't do large one piece bumpers. These include Chevelles, Pontiacs, and Mopars in the 60's. We CAN do corvettes bumpers, two and three piece bumpers and many smaller bumpers in through the 30's and 40's. Call and we can let you know if we can do your bumpers.

Our Process:

Once your parts arrive they are inventoried and inspected. We will call you with a estimate on price and time of completion. Your parts will then be stripped of old plating and paint. The parts are then bead blasted and derusted in acid if necessary. They are then ready to start the polishing process. If any straightening is needed it will be done at this time. Your parts will be roughed in on a belt to remove the pits, scrathes, and imperfections. If any hand work in hard to reach areas in needed, die grinders and folded belts are used. The parts then progress through finer steps until they are ready to be buffed. The parts are finished with an appropriate buff to remove all of the previous steps' finish. Now they're ready to plate. First they are cleaned and move on to an acid dip. Next they go through a copper strike and on to nickel or acid copper. After copper plating they are sanded and buffed. They are then recoppered or move on to the nickel. Once nickel plated they are chrome plated. The parts reiceive a final buff to remove the burned chrome and they go through a final inspection. They are then checked against the inventory and are ready to ship.

Shipping info:

Ship UPS/FedEx, etc.

435 S. Kansas Ave.
Olathe, KS 66061

Please put a list of your parts and contact info in the box with your parts!!